This fake feud between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel is the best

Yesterday was World AIDS Day, and people around the world came together to help fight the disease and show support for those living with it. Jimmy Kimmel went all in and devoted his entire show to the cause. Celebrities like Olivia Wilde, Scarlett Johansson, and Bono joined Kimmel to help raise money for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS.

One of the show’s best bits was a LOL segment with Matt Damon. The gag went like this: Jimmy joked that Matt has been booked to appear on the show for years, but never actually gets to appear because they always run out of time. Well, last night was finally his chance — sort of.

The segment cut to Damon in his less-than-glamorous dressing room, featuring amenities like a non-functioning air conditioner, an outdated PEOPLE magazine, and some old cheese cubes. The actor asks Jimmy if he can come on stage and tell the audience about The Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel Live Experience, his charity auction for (RED) Omaze.

“The winner and a guest will join me in this poorly lit, underground dressing room that I patiently wait in every night,” Matt says. “And once here, you’ll sit next to me on this old futon in complete silence while I wait to see if I’m gonna get on the show that night.”

But Jimmy doesn’t let Matt come on stage, ordering him to stay put. Jimmy even ups the ante with his own (RED) Omaze auction, offering viewers the chance to sit in the Jimmy Kimmel Live green room and watch Matt sit in his sad little dressing room. But Matt Damon gets the last laugh — you’ll have to watch to see what we mean.

Of course the banter is all in good fun, and helps promote and fundraise for a great cause. You can enter for a chance to win their experiences and more here. They’re pretty amazing prizes: Meet Meryl on the red carpet? Have your portrait painted by James Franco? Yes and yes, please.

Thanks for making us laugh guys, and devoting time and resources to help those who need it.

Featured image via YouTube