This “Matrix” fan theory literally destroys everything about the movie’s universe

Do you choose the red pill? This fan theory is going to completely turn everything you thought you knew about The Matrix upside down.

The common hypothesis in The Matrix Trilogy is that the main character, Neo, is “The One” — the person who’s supposed to save humanity, right?


BUT…what if Agent Smith is actually the savior?

Apparently over the last ten years, fans have argued that all the signs we thought pointed to Neo as “The One” actually point to Smith.

There are tons of sources out there that pick apart the Oracle’s prophesy, saying that Smith represents these qualifications way better than Neo.

In case you don’t know the prophesy by heart…

Basically, they’re saying that since Smith is reborn through the Oracle and Neo, he is the only one who is actually “born inside” the Matrix, thus fulfilling the prophesy. Is your mind sufficiently blown yet? Feel the need to rewatch all three movies in search of clues? Weekend movie marathon, here we come.