Matilda should have been at Hogwarts – and the real Matilda agrees

The fandom-crossover gods have gotten our imagination cranks turning beautifully today – especially if you’re a fan of Harry Potter and/or the book or 1996 film version of Matilda.

And to be honest, I’m a little disappointed it took us this long to see the similarities. Both are about a kid with magical powers raised by awful people who take every opportunity to put them down and exercise their authority because deep down they feel inadequate.

Still not convinced?

I rest my case.

And it turns out a lot of fans of both Harry Potter and Matilda feel the same way. In fact, Matilda Wormwood herself – Mara Wilson, former child actress and current feminist social-media queen – had something to say about what would’ve happened if her most famous character went to Hogwarts.

Wilson also thought Matilda would’ve hung around the professors more so than the other students, addressing how she would’ve interacted with Harry, Ron, and Hermione.

And considering her canon friendship with Miss Honey and introverted nature, we have to agree.

Wilson also touched on which Hogwarts house she believed Matilda would’ve ended up in. This is a dream come true. I’m always up for a good Harry Potter sorting debate, as I sort both people I know IRL and my favorite non-Harry Potter fictional characters constantly.

But I can’t even debate here because Wilson is absolutely right. My gut would be to put Matilda in Ravenclaw because of how much she loves learning strictly for learning’s sake (as opposed to a Slytherin, who more often learns to achieve), but at the end of the day she’s totally a Gryffindor, just like Hermione: someone who respects the rules, but only until they get in her way – or hurt someone.

And while her nose may always be in a book, Matilda tolerates zero nonsense.

Now to go find a crossover piece of fan fiction…

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