There’s a brand new internet challenge, and it’s magically based off of 1996’s “Matilda”

Step aside “In My Feelings,” because there’s a brand new challenge sweeping the internet and it’ll make your nostalgic hearts swoon. There’s nothing more addicting—and often, hilarious—than spending hours on the internet intensely watching all the entries in the latest challenge craze like we’re Simon Cowell. But while internet “challenges” are usually based on new dances moves or songs, this latest challenge is throwing it back to 1996.

While there are many, many reasons why Matilda is an iconic movie, one particular scene from the ’90s kids film has inspired the newest online dance challenge. The scene in question follows the titular six-and-a-half year old telekinetic as she learns to control her powers…as the forever catchy “Itty Bitty Pretty One” by Thurston Harris plays in the background.

The Matilda challenge features a participant channeling their inner telekinetic, making objects move—with “unseen” assistants providing support…or so we think—as “Itty Bitty Pretty One” plays. It’s a pretty stellar homage to the childhood classic, and even Matilda herself is completely on board with the challenge.

Mara Wilson, who played the titular role, has taken to Twitter to endorse the Matilda challenge, even sharing her favorites.

The viral sensation has since taken off and participants have been very creative in creating their own variations on the iconic scene, using dogs, A+ dance moves, and a lot of friends. The Matilda challenge is so pure and heartwarming that it’s practically impossible watch and not smile.

While some attempts are more successful than others, everyone is living their best Matilda life, so technically they’re all winners.

Seriously though, catching a tiny glimpse at the dedicated assistants—from a stray hand to the top of a head to a complete failed attempt to remain concealed—is complete gold and we’re obsessed with the commitment.

For reference, here’s the original:

With so much nonsense going on in the world, the Matilda challenge is the perfect way to brighten our days and we love how much Wilson is enjoying the homage to her iconic character.