The illustrator who drew Matilda reimagined her at age 30, and she now has quite the resume

Matilda Wormwood is officially all grown up. While the beloved character may be forever five and a half years old in our hearts, the Roald Dahl novel that introduced the young telekinetic heroine to the world is turning 30. In the three decades since Matilda‘s debuted, it’s become one of the most beloved children’s books of all time. It was adapted into the iconic movie of the same name in 1996 and got the Broadway musical treatment in 2011. Suffice it to say, Ms. Wormwood has made quite an impact on her fellow millennials.

In honor of the major milestone, publisher Puffin is re-releasing the novel. And the new 30th anniversary edition includes illustrations of Matilda as an adult. Puffin reached out to the book’s original illustrator, Quentin Blake—who illustrated a number of Dahl’s novels—and asked him to imagine where the beloved character would be now. He had some amazing ideas.

Puffin asked Blake to submit one illustration. But he ended up submitting eight, showing that Matilda’s future is full of endless possibilities. Blake drew her as a world traveler, an astrophysicist, a poet laureate, a wrestling champion, a beauty salon owner, a special effects coordinator in Hollywood, and of course, chief librarian of the British Library.

Adult Matilda is crushing it.


But that’s not the only way the world is honoring the book’s 30th anniversary. Matilda famously didn’t come to play when it came to bullying. And now, BBC News reports that a new statue near Dahl’s longtime home in Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire, is celebrating the legendary character’s devotion to standing up to bullies.

It’s been 30 years since Matilda vanquished the evil Miss Trunchbull. And now, she’s taking on a new bully: Donald Trump.

The Roald Dahl Story Company told BBC News that Trump was the public’s choice as to who Ms. Wormwood would want to take on—and take down—as an adult. We agree that she would not stand for any of Trump’s hateful nonsense. She’d definitely put her telekinetic powers to good use around him.

These inspired tributes prove that even 30 years later, Matilda continues to have a profound impact on millions of readers.

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