The mathematically perfect way to slice a pizza is bonkers

Forget everything you thought you knew about pizza cutting, because these techniques take the art to a whole new level. With these methods, every slice will be equal. Oh, and your pizza will look like a masterpiece too.

A team of mathematicians from Liverpool University discovered some new ways to cut a pie that guarantee every slice is equal. Yup, each and every one will be the exact same size. Because hey, it’s only fair. There are no triangle slices or square pieces here—just curved geometric wonders.

The mathematicians discovered that the best way to slice pizza is to start with six slightly curved slices (also referred to as shields). The kind that makes your pie look like the pinwheel icon on a slow Apple computer. From there, each shield could be cut in half, producing what looks like a flower.


And then things get complex. You could start with the shield slices, and then add more (and more and more) cuts and notches.


The results are much smaller (but more artistic looking) pieces.


If you’re going for surface area equality and artistry, maybe try one of these mathematically-approved approaches. But if you’re all about function, good ‘ol triangular slices will do just fine.


Question: Is it fair to say every piece is “equal” when not all of them have crust? We aren’t sure about that, but we do know that pizza is pizza however you slice it, and we’ll have a piece no matter how it’s served.

(Featured image via HBO, gif via Giphy, images via.)