Nobody can solve this math question on a test for 7-year-olds

If you ever thought “man, I’m really bad at math,” here’s a math question made for kids in Singapore that will 100% prove you right. Like, some of us (cough) barely made it out of low level American public school math classes alive, and here in the U.S. we’re notoriously, y’know, not great at things like…math. So this is some next level shit.

The question is in the form of a circular puzzle that asks you to fill in the blanks with the appropriate numbers, but there’s no information given otherwise as to how you’re supposed to solve it. Like, we’re not even sure what order the pattern goes in? How do you read this?

Mashable reached out to the Singapore public school system to confirm that this sadistic puzzle is actually on their examinations, but there hasn’t been confirmation. So there’s still hope that we, grown-ass adults, are smarter than a Singaporean seven-year-old.

Mashable also tracked a similar puzzle down to a math blog (yeah, that’s a thing) run by a guy who likes making math puzzles (also, shockingly, a thing). Despite the similarities, the numbers are slightly different, which means that we still don’t know the answer to this particular problem.

Does anybody know any first graders from Singapore who can solve this mystery for us? Alternatively, does anybody have a reality TV hook up so we can get development going on “are you smarter than a first grader?” Because man, we are so not.

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