Material Girl Makes Good Selling Million-Dollar Painting

We may still be living in a material world, but the original Material Girl decided to very publicly shed her long, pink silk evening gloves earlier this week.

Madonna, the Queen of Pop and Chiseled Arms, is no stranger to philanthropy in recent years. Her Ray of Light Foundation was established in 2008 and continues to fund initiatives towards helping poor children all around the world.

But earlier this week, the avid art collector announced on her website that she’d be selling a painting from her prized stash to benefit a new education initiative for girls through Ray of Light.

The painting of choice is a 1921 Fernand Léger piece titled “Trois Femmes å la Table Rouge” (Three Women at the Red Table), and its worth an estimated $5 – $7 million — ALL of which will go towards “girls’ educational projects in Afghanistan, Pakistan and other countries where female education is rare or nonexistent.”

Just think of all the girls that will benefit from decades of gyrating on-stage! Madonna’s done good. Maybe next time consider auctioning off that peek-a-boo nip-slip black lace bra? It had a good run.

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