Look at this MASSIVE pumpkin that shattered North American records this weekend

Summer is great and all, but we’re starting to get ultra pumped for boots-and-leggings season. As September wanes on, it’s getting just a little bit chiller, and we’re seeing hints of golds and reds in the trees. Summer’s winding down, and even though there are three days until fall (OMG), already it’s shaping out to be the biggest fall yet. . . literally.

At the Cedarburg Wine & Harvest Festival this weekend in Wisconsin, Gene McMullen not only won an award, but broke national records, FOX 6 reports. Why? Because he grew a pumpkin that weighed a ton. Again, literally. Grown in Streator, Illinois, the monster pumpkin weighed over 2,000 pounds.

McMullen’s not a professional grower or anything — he’s actually worked at a factory for the past 36 years. So how in the world did he do it? “Dumb luck! Accident waiting for it to happen — it happened,” he told FOX 6. “I didn’t do anything different than other growers do. It was just fun, a lot of fun. I guess this is what I’ve always dreamed of, that’s it, I guess.”

Luck or not, it seems as though McMullen has quite the green thumb, as this is his second year winning at the festival in a row — last year, his pumpkin clocked in at around 1,600 pounds. But this latest one takes the cake, shattering North American records. And it’s the second largest in the world (we’re honestly a little afraid of the largest one, TBH). Like, seriously, look how positively HUGE McMullen’s creation is:

Two thoughts here. Number one, think about all the pumpkin-flavored stuff you can make with a ton (again, literally) of pumpkin. Secondly, the Great Pumpkin does exist, Charlie Brown!

So it looks like fall has started a few days early, guys. Time to go out and pick pumpkins to carve. . . just make sure to nab one that doesn’t require a massive truck to get it out of the pumpkin patch.

(Images via Twitter, Shutterstock.)

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