This mask for glowing skin looks like blood, is clearly perfect for Halloween beauty routines

Every once in a while, there comes along a beauty hack that’s as fun as it is effective. The latest DIY face mask from beauty vlogger Farah Dhukai is definitely one of them. In the past, Farah has been known to suggest some pretty outlandish stuff in the name of upgrading her and her followers’ beauty routines.

You gotta love her for her boldness. And now? She’s back with a face mask recipe you can whip up in minutes, for under $5. (Okay, we’re loving it so far.) She also claims that her concoction will give you an ✨INSTANT GLOW✨.

“This mask is perfect for an instant glow and anti aging to get youthful skin and it’s fun!”


Well, it looks fun alright.

Apparently, all you do is boil two tea bags of your choice (she recommends hibiscus because of its antioxidant properties) in two cups of water. Then add two tablespoons of agar agar, which will make the mask harden and actually stick to your face so you can later peel it off.


But… look at it. It’s like she’s an extra in True Blood who decided it was fun to keep the makeup on as a souvenir. Just in time for Halloween, though, right?! We don’t know if we should tilt our heads for a sec or get straight into the kitchen and make one ourselves!


Because you can’t deny that, at the very end, her face looks pretty amazing — dewy, glowing, and impossibly smooth.

The pièce de résistance:

Maybe Farah should be the one having the final head tilt.

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