And now, a mashup of Pixar’s nods to some of the greatest films of all time

Ever since the premiere of Toy Story in 1995, we’ve been patiently awaiting the release of every movie Pixar graces us with. Aside from the beautiful animation, witty dialogue, amazing voice talent, and catchy soundtracks, all Pixar movies have one thing in common: Their uncanny ability to move us to laughter and tears in equal measure (and sometimes simultaneously).

But on top of all that, the writers and animators at Pixar still have the time and energy to pay homage to others who came before them in the world of wonderful storytelling. In fact, they do this right within their films – and one fan, Jorge Luengo Ruiz, took the time to put together a five-minute video showing a bunch of scenes from Pixar movies with nods to some of our faves.

Among the tributes? The toys of Toy Story running from a huge “boulder,” just like in Raiders of the Lost Ark. We see Darla, the terrorizing kid from Finding Nemo, with the theme from Psycho playing in the background. Monsters, Inc. shows respect for both A Clockwork Orange and The Right Stuff (and maybe even Armageddon?) when the monsters enter Scare Floor F for the first time. There are tons of references to the Star Wars films (because how could there not be?), and tons more that we probably never would’ve recognized on our own. Sneaky sneaky, Pixar.

Check out the entire video below to pass time while you wait for Finding Dory. And don’t worry – we’re totally doing the same thing (while we brush up on our whale speak, of course).

Pixar’s Tribute to Cinema from Jorge Luengo Ruiz on Vimeo.

(Image via Walt Disney Pictures / Pixar)

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