Here’s that mashup of Justin Bieber and Nirvana (and a gazillion other artists)

If you haven’t noticed, music mashups are kind of a thing. OK, they’ve been a thing since the Internet was invented, but they seem to get more and more layered as the years and clicks go by. And now, DJ Cumberbund has taken the challenge of mixing artists to the next level.

His latest track entitled “What Do You Smell Like,” combines a mixed-bag of every pop star from the past two decades, and then some.

Featuring artists like Kurt Cobain, Katy Perry, The Police, and Justin Bieber, the track is sound when it comes to blending beats together — for example, at one point, Katy Perry’s “Firework” vocals are overlain with Bieber’s beat, and pretty soon we’re hearing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” in the background, a kind of Greek chorus of rock history.

While the blending of Bieber and Cobain could be somewhat controversial for Nirvana fans, this track is absolutely worth the listen. Warning: Your brain will feel overloaded by the time you’re done.

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