These incredible mashup drawings turn every movie into a Disney movie

Isaiah Stephens knows all things Disney like the back of his hand. Or, rather, the front of his hand since that’s what he uses to flawlessly recreate incredibly artistic, Disney-style mash-ups of all sorts of famous TV and film characters.

Stephens has drawn Disney Princesses as if they just woke up, as characters from The Notebook, and as Star Wars characters, just to name a few. Stephens is back at it, inserting some of our favorite Disney characters into some famous scenes from our favorite movies and the result is some of our favorite Disney reimagined art.

Like seeing Prince Eric and Ariel as freezing Jack and a brave Rose in Titanic.

Or witnessing the beautiful love connection between a (short-haired) Jasmine and Aladdin as Daisy and Gatsby from The Great Gatsby.

Seeing those two in this magical love moment from The Notebook is almost too much to handle.

And we love the spin on the famous Romeo + Juliet moment with Mulan and Li Shang.

If you noticed that there are a ton of Leo DiCaprio moments on his Instagram, that’s because Stephens was originally hired by Cosmopolitan to recreate some of these specific scenes to congratulate Leo for his Oscar win). Check out his Instagram page for all the amazing (and often hilarious) original drawings.

Just fair warning, you may never be able to look at some of the Disney villains the same way again.

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