Mascara that will make all your eyelash dreams come true

If a genie asked me to make a completely superficial wish (not a wish for world peace or to end global hunger . . . there’d be a separate non-superficial genie for the more important things, OBVI), I’d consider asking for long, glorious, DOE-LIKE EYELASHES. I’d be like, “Genie, please give me eyes like Betty Boop, OK?” I just want a little bit of help with these short, poker-straight lashes I was born with, is that so wrong?

Honestly, sometimes I’ll just stare at my boyfriend’s lashes in JEALOUSY because his are long and so luxurious. Why would the great goddess of lashes bestow such a gift on someone who doesn’t appreciate them, instead of me? ::stomps feet::

I tried out lash extensions a few months back and while they were pretty much the best thing ever, I ended up going back to my regular ol’ natural lashes afterwards — the upkeep was pricey and too hard to maintain. The good thing about going back to natural lashes is that I’ve been able to use mascara again. The bad thing is, the extensions spoiled me rotten by giving me doll-like lashes 24-7.

After that experience, I knew I would have to seek out a new mascara that would be amazing enough to help me forget all about the luxurious lash-extension life. Luckily, Benefit Cosmetics had the answer to my predicament with a new mascara called Roller Lash.

The name alone is too cute! Roller Lash is made with a formula that contains lash-conditioning provitamin B5 & serine, and comes with a unique brush that’s made to separate, lift, and curl your lashes. Plus, it comes in a super cute tube that’s reminiscent of those old school pink hair rollers. Adorable packaging AND it makes my lashes look divine? Gentleladies, we have a winner. After all, finding a good mascara can sometimes feel like searching for Bigfoot! I’m here to help you out, sister.

Benefit Roller Lash, $24

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