“Mary Poppins” pedestrian crossing lights started popping up in this city

If you love Mary Poppins, we hope you have your umbrella ready and magic bag packed. The Australian town of Maryborough — where Mary Poppins author P.L. Travers was born — installed Mary Poppins-themed pedestrian crossing lights to honor their former citizen. Fans of the famous nanny should put this town on their travel list.

The first of these crossing lights was put in front of Travers’ birthplace on Richmond Street, in preparation for the Mary Poppins Festival (June 23rd to July 2nd).

When the light is red, the character’s silhouette is depicted with her umbrella down at her side. And when the light is green, Poppins’ umbrella is up and open, ready for takeoff.

According to the Fraser Coast Regional Council, the lights are part of the larger Maryborough Story Trail. The trail leads to historic landmarks and buildings throughout the city, and three other lights will be installed at different locations later this year.

"Melbourne might have its female silhouettes on their pedestrian lights, but this is the first time someone has used the lights to pay homage to Mary Poppins and PL Travers," Maryborough councillor Paul Truscott said via the Regional Council website.

Citizens and tourists have already started snapping pics of the new lights in action. Truscott asks that if you share your photos of the new Poppins lights, that you add the #marrypoppinslights to your post.

Mary Poppins Returns, the sequel to the 1964 Disney film starring Emily Blunt, is set to come out in 2018.

If we ruled the world, all pedestrian crossing signs would be replaced with Mary Poppins lights.

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