Mary Lambert just released a new song about chilling with her dog and we can’t stop listening

We all know that Mary Lambert is an amazing talent who never shies away from honesty (just take her single “Secrets,” all about living with bipolar disorder, and how she’s over attempting to be someone else). And today’s a pretty great day for fans, because she just released her new song, “Hang Out With You.”

Oh, and it’s super CATCHY, so prepare accordingly.

The video features Lambert singing about how she’s got plenty to do (pay her rent, write a song, fix her hair, play a show) but at the end of the day, she just wants to hang out with her dog and her friends.

But it’s mainly about her dogs, which makes us love Lambert even more! And case you’re wondering, yes, there are an abundance of cute dogs in this video. Phew.

Basically, the whole world will be able to relate to this song, because the message (much like the minimalist indie video) is simple and beautiful, and speaks to that thing that happens to us all — when we JUST WANT TO HANG!

And don’t worry — we would never dream of not including the actual video for your viewing pleasure. Here it is:

Mary Lambert… here’s the thing…we want to hang out with YOU!