Marvel is doing something fantastic for Women’s History Month

Despite what its on-screen representation might look like (where art thou, Black Widow movie?), Marvel has an amazing roster of female superheroines who’ve been captivating comic readers for decades now, from older stalwarts like Storm and Scarlet Witch to newer faves like Squirrel Girl and Ms Marvel. And now, Marvel’s doing something extra special for the ladies — for this upcoming year’s Women’s History Month (March, for those who forget), all of their comics are getting special variant covers, and just about all of the artists being featured are women. (Yes, they’ve done it before, but isn’t it nice to see them continuing the tradition?)

You read that right: All of their comics, not just the female-led or female-including ones, are getting the variants, which are being titled Women in Power. As for the men included, some are queer and/or absolute legends in the comics world (looking at you, Phil Noto, Jamie McKelvie, and Bill Sienkiewicz in particular), and none of them are likely to give anyone the now-notorious Spider-Woman treatment.

As of now, Marvel’s only released four of the slated 25 covers— here are a couple:

Catch the other two, as well as a full list of covers/artists, over at Comics Alliance.

As all of us know, it’s not enough to just have more women in star roles. We’re glad to see Marvel bringing female artists to the forefront, publicizing their work, and giving them a platform to reach an audience of millions. Now, can they maybe drop some details about Captain Marvel . . . ?

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Images courtesy of Marvel.

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