Marvel just announced the cast for their new Hulu series, “Runaways,” and we are excited AF for this

Last fall, Marvel Television announced their plans to adapt their award-winning comic Runaways into a series with Hulu and led by the creators of The OC. Seth Cohen would approve. The story follows six diverse teenagers who team up to fight their super-villain parents. That’s right, these teens have good reason to disobey their evil parents. And now, Marvel has revealed the teen cast of Runaways.

Let’s meet the new crew of our soon-to-be favorite show!

Rhenzy Feliz who you might recognize from Teen Wolf or Casual will play Alex — a loud-and-proud nerd. So, someone just like us basically!

Lyrica Okano who can be seen in The Affair and Unforgettable will play Nico Minoru — tough, smart, and independent. Your typical teenager, right?

Virginia Gardner will be the perfect Karolina Dean — a teen who is just trying to do everything right since that’s what her parents expect.

Ariela Barer from New Girl and One Day at a Time will be Gert Yorkes, the purple-haired, girl ready to take down the status quo.

Gregg Sulkin who you might know from Faking It will play Chase Stein the classic, preppy lacrosse player and heartthrob.

Allegra Acosta will play the young and innocent Molly Hernandez, probably the peppiest member of the crew, who just wants to keep things upbeat and happy!

We’re so excited about the beautiful new cast of Marvel’s Runaways. And it seems like plenty of others are too!

So now that we know who will be in front of the camera, what can we expect from the creative team behind the upcoming show?


Well, comic co-creator Brian K. Vaughn will be a consultant on the show and is pretty excited about the cast, explaining:

I’m so excited for fans of the comic to watch this perfect cast of amazing actors, all of whom embody the spirit of their characters more than I ever could have imagined.

The Executive Producers are Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, who helmed many of our favorite teen shows ever including The OC and Gossip Girl. So we can assume much of that experience with drama and angst will carry-over into Runaways and we couldn’t be happier.

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