Marvel’s new teen girl superhero is the comic book character we’ve be waiting for

What’s better than girl power? Teen girl power. Teenage girls are often given a bad rap in traditional media, treated like gossiping giggle machines rather than what they really are: bad-ass.

It may have taken a while, but it looks like Marvel has caught wind of this teenage awesomeness. They’ve created a new comic called Moon Girl and the Devil Dinosaur, featuring a preteen girl of color named Lunella Lafayette. She’s, like, crazy smart, with writer Amy Reeder describing her as a “female Inspector Gadget – only this time, she also knows what she’s doing.”

If this comic sounds a little familiar, that’s because they gave it a whirl in the 70s, but with Moon Boy rather than Moon Girl. Now, it’s got all the feminine grace and charm and AWESOMENESS it could ever dream of as Lunella (AKA Moon Girl) takes on a modern NYC with Devil Dinosaur, her sidekick. A dinosaur sidekick — seriously, can we love this any more?

Writer Emily Shaw explained the creation process:

The story will follow Lunella and her sidekick on their currently top secret adventures, but also their everyday lives just going to school and making new friends.

I honestly can’t wait for this comic to hit the stands this fall, and I can’t help but start casting the future summer blockbuster this is sure to inspire. Willow Smith as Lunella? Or maybe Quvenzhane Wallis? And who will voice the dinosaur? *whispers* Chris Pratt. What? Who said that?

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