Attention Marvel fans: Here’s some big ‘Luke Cage’ casting news

Remember earlier this year when Netflix released its first Marvel series, Daredevil? And we learned it was the best Marvel TV show ever made? Well, things have only been looking up since then, and along with Daredevil, Netflix has thee other series in the works focusing on Marvel characters. The next one we’re going to see is Jessica Jones (starring Krysten Ritter), but the big news today involves the series after that, Luke Cage. Some old and familiar faces will be stopping by, and we’re freaking out.

Luke Cage will follow the story of Luke Cage, a hero-for-hire superhero with superhuman strength (kinda like The Hulk). Luke will be played by Mike Colter (from The Good Wife), and will first make his appearance in Jessica Jones, where he’s dating Jessica Jones. Get the feeling that all these stories are connected to one another? Good, because that’s exactly what’s happening. Now, a character we first saw in Daredevil will not only appear in Jessica Jones, but Luke Cage, too. Which is GREAT, because the world always needs more Rosario Dawson.

Dawson is supposedly reprising her role as nurse Claire Temple in Jessica Jones, but is 100% on board with Luke Cage. It makes perfect sense, considering Luke and Claire date for a while in the comic series. However, this could make the Claire-Luke-Jessica triangle a little bit complicated.

That’s not the only casting announcement that Netflix and Marvel made. Sons of Anarchy star Theo Rossi is also going to be appearing in Luke Cage as Shades, a character from Luke’s past who’s kinda the opposite of Luke. Shades is a bad-guy-for-hire, but in the comics he’s since cleaned up his act. Note: we probably won’t see that just yet on Luke Cage.

One more casting announcement. Simone Missick will also join Luke Cage as a character named Missy. As Deadline suggests, the character will actually be Misty Knight who’s partnered up before with both Spider-Man and the X-Men. Not only that, but Misty lost her arm while working for the NYPD, and Tony Stark (aka Iron Man) gave her a new bionic arm.

And that’s all we know so far about the new cast of Luke Cage. But hey, that’s more than enough information to hold us over for the time being. Luke Cage is set to premiere SOMETIME during 2016.

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