We’ve got your Thanksgiving plans. Three words: Marvel’s ‘Jessica Jones’

Ready to hear about your next Netflix binge? This morning, Netflix dropped news of a release date and the first trailer for its brand new Marvel series, Jessica Jones. Turns out the show, which stars Krysten Ritter, arrives on November 20th. So go ahead and clear off everything other than eating Turkey over Thanksgiving break, because you’ve got to make time to binge-watch.

The trailer for Jessica Jones is super quick, and we don’t exactly see Jessica Jones in it. However, it still gives us plenty of information about what’s going to happen, and also reassures us that it’s going to be GREAT. It’s got the same kind of feel as Netflix’s Marvel show, Daredevil. Is that even a quick glimpse of Hell’s Kitchen in the trailer? It’s so fast, but it feels like it. Netflix and Marvel plan to weave all their shows together, and if we’re getting some of the same locations, we’re going to get some of the same characters too (please, please let Matt Murdock show up).

Jessica, herself, is a superhero who meets one bad string of events after another. Finally, she decides to leave that superhero life behind, and instead open up her own detective agency (Like, Veronica Mars? Ritter was in the series and movie, after all). However, just because she’s left the crime-fighting life behind that doesn’t mean it still won’t find her.

Best part is we don’t even have to wait that long to check this show out. All 13-episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones will drop six days before Thanksgiving. So tell all your relatives ahead of time that there’s only going to be one topic of discussion at dinner, and it’s Jessica.

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