The first trailer for Netflix’s “Iron Fist” is here and start preparing for your next great Marvel binge

So you finished Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage on Netflix and are ready for your next binge. But what could you possibly watch to fill the Marvel-sized hole? You’re in luck because the next collaboration between Marvel and Netflix is about to drop. Grab some pizza, pajamas, and phone charger because Iron Fist is coming and the first trailer just premiered.


Marvel’s The Defenders won’t officially be on your screen until later in 2017 but the final defender Iron Fist has his very own show on Netflix and it’s arriving in March. We guess people are pretty excited about it…for various reasons.

Iron Fist is the story of Danny Rand who at age 10 is the sole survivor of a plane crash that kills his parents. Rand is assumed dead but returns to the city years later ready to take his rightful place as head of Rand Enterprises. Oh, and somewhere along the way, he became a master of martial arts.


Thus, he is now the Iron Fist. But it won’t be smooth sailing once Danny arrives back in New York City. Iron Fist will feature a few familiar faces like Claire Temple, played perfectly by Rosario Dawson. She has been in every single Marvel and Netflix show since Daredevil and we’re so very thankful because she’s the coolest. Also making an appearance in Iron Fist is Jeri Hogarth, the lawyer who appeared in Jessica Jones. After all, everyone needs a lawyer, right?

In the trailer, we see Colleen Wing, another martial arts expert, who joins Iron Fist in his heroics. Oh, and Colleen will make an appearance in The Defenders as well so get excited about seeing more of her epic skills. Check out the trailer for Iron Fist below.

Marvel’s Iron Fist hits Netflix March 17th. Go ahead and clear your entire schedule for that weekend right now.