Marvel Heroes Get a Hello Kitty Makeover

How can we improve on Marvel’s superheroes? Is it even possible? Oh, yes. Yes it is possible. The latest phenomenon to hit Tumblr is rendering Marvel heroes in Hello Kitty-customized uniforms. As if people needed more reasons to find Chris Evans adorable. And with Hello Kitty recently making a splash with the revelation that she’s not even a cat, this parade of Avengers in bedazzled Hello Kitty gear is just going to make bigger waves. Can we get a line of action figures going, Sanrio-style? I have a feeling they’d sell out pretty darn fast. I mean, people might have too much time on their hands, but I’m loving it. Behold, Marvel’s finest decked out in Hello Kitty outfits:

Black Widow

Not as good a color scheme for sneaking around in the dead of night, but who cares when you look this good in pink?

Captain America

Less patriotic, but much more him.


Pink wings are to die for.


Look how happy he is about his sparkly arrows. It makes me happy, too.


The bows aren’t just functional, but fashionable. Extremely fashionable.

Iron Man

The juxtaposition of the cold hard iron with the soft pink coloring really makes you think.

Phil Coulson

The man might not have super strength, but he’s got style.

Nick Fury

Special points for wearing a brooch. I don’t think anyone’s worn a brooch on a lapel in about 100 years.

Winter Soldier

There’s never a wrong place to slap on a Hello Kitty decal.

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