Marvel’s bringing the lady-power to comic book covers next month—here’s a preview

Recently the world of comics has been taking note of how important its female readers are and taking strides towards creating more diverse characters. There’s been plenty of progressive good news on the that front and now the ladies behind the comics are getting the attention they so deserve.

Marvel has dubbed March “Women of Marvel” month, in which they’ve planned a special variant cover event to highlight their female artists, with more than twenty comic covers drawn by women.  Not a bad way to boost your cred during Women’s History Month, Marvel. Not bad at all. Says Marve Editor-in-Chief: “Marvel now has more titles starring female leads than ever before, the Women of Marvel panel is one of the most highly attended at conventions, and the weekly Women of Marvel podcast continues to grow.” 

Keep your peepers peeled for these awesome covers, like S.H.I.E.L.D. #4 by Colleen Doran, Guardians of the Galaxy #25 by Erica Henderson, and Ant-Man #3 by Katie Cook, along with the previously releasedThor #6 by Stephanie Hans and Uncanny X-Men #33by Stacey Lee, and the newly unveiled Amazing Spider-Man #16 by Ming Doyle (seen here),Legendary Star-Lord #10by Sana Takeda,  andRocket Racoon #9 by Janet Lee, to name a few.

Here’s a peek at some of the art to be featured:

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