For some reason, Marvel moved the release of “Avengers: Infinity War” up one week, and we’ll take it

Twitter is usually a garbage dumpster fire of a trash heap. When you work on the internet (like I do), you realize that pretty quickly and just take it in stride. Trolls are just an everyday hazard of the job. I even got doxxed once! (I’m super not kidding.) It’s not all fun and games…until it actually is. Because today is the day that Twitter became a true force for good. No, it didn’t help cure cancer or bring peace to all mankind, but it came pretty close when Robert Downey Jr. successfully convinced Marvel to release Avengers: Infinity War a whole week sooner than planned. And it all happened on the old Twitter machine.

That’s right, we don’t have to wait until May to see the next big Avengers team-up. When Marvel Studios’ official Twitter account tweeted an innocuous hype message about the May 4th release date, Iron Man inserted himself into the discussion. He sounded like all of us, a normal fan, asking if he could see it any earlier than that. Of course, since he’s literally *in the movie*, he’ll definitely see an earlier screening than the rest of the plebeian population. But Marvel Studios played along, inviting him to see it a week earlier on April 27th. We all assumed they were coordinating details on a super private, exclusive screening and not going to lie, I got very jealous.

Because he’s such a team player, Downey Jr. asked if he could bring some friends. No, not his super friends (or A-List cast mates). He wanted to bring “the entire world.” And Marvel Studios accepted his proposal. It’s all happening!

Check out their whole playful exchange below:

So now the whole world gets to see Avengers: Infinity War a full week earlier than planned, and since my birthday is on April 29th (mark it in your calendars as the best month of the year), I’m fully choosing to believe that both Downey Jr. and Marvel conspired to give me the best early birthday present ever. Really, I’m very honored. Does this make me an Avenger?

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