Marutaro the hedgehog is actually too cute for us to handle

Move over cats of Instagram. And dogs. And raccoons. Make room for the fuzzball of adorableness that is Marutaro the hedgehog. With over 30,000 IG followers, he’s pretty much the hottest thing with quills on social media. (Okay, technically on hedgehogs they’re known as spines. But you get my drift.) Who knew something so prickly could be so cute?

Marutaro is adorbs, whether he’s trying to blend in with a bunch of pinecones…

Pretending to be a ball of yarn…

Or riding a rubber ducky (giddy up, Squeakers!).  

Hedgehogs (sometimes called “hedgies,” because CUTENESS), have rather poor eyesight, but their sense of smell is excellent. We’re thinking this might explain Marutaro’s fondness for flowers.  

  He also loves Starbucks (duh. Who doesn’t?) . . .  

And being held.  

Marutaro lives in Japan, but his owner chooses to remain anonymous, which is actually sort of cool. I mean, who doesn’t love a hedgie with an air of mystery? Right?  

We see you, Marutaro. We see you.

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[All images via @marutaro_hedgehog on Instagram]