Who is Martin Fourcade dating? The biathlete is super focused

You know we’re all about Team USA, but we have to admit that a certain French biathlete who’s competing in the 2018 Winter Olympics has caught our eye. So, who is Martin Fourcade, 29, dating? It turns out he might be single at the moment, though probably not for long if he scoops up any medals in PyeongChang, which Sports Illustrated is betting he’ll do. Then again, it depends what website you read — according to Fabwags.com, he’s dating a woman named Helene, but there’s not much information than that, so we’ll take single.

Not that he’d have time for a long term relationship at the moment. Fourcade is an 11-time world champion, has won 63 World Cup races over the course of his career, and in just two Olympic appearances has won 11 medals. That’s the most medals ever for any French Winter Olympian, according to NBC.

Biathaletes are some of the most hardcore athletes, though you might not recognize the sport. According to the Washington Post, it’s a complex event that combines cross-country skiing and shooting. The athletes have a rifle on their back and ski a certain course, stopping along the way to shoot at targets. They’re scored on time and accuracy. There are eleven biathlon events this year, made up of springs, pursuits, individual, mass start, and a mixed relay.

Who has time for dating when you’re trying to ski a relay and shoot at targets?