Martha Stewart is launching a wine service, and we’ll cheers to that!

If you’ve ever dreamed of sipping a robust glass of merlot with the world’s reigning domestic goddess, AKA Martha Stewart, then we’re happy to tell you that you’re one step closer to that goal. Because while you can’t *technically* call up Martha and pencil her in for a Friday night wine date, you can sip on her favorite, hand-picked vinos with her new Martha Stewart Wine Co. subscription service.

Like we said, we’ll cheers to that!

The subscription wine service comes on the heels of Martha’s first foray into the subscription meal-prep service with Marley Spoon. Which makes total sense, considering that you can’t really enjoy a home cooked Martha Stewart-approved meal without an excellent Martha Stewart-approved wine pairing.


Of course, you don’t even need the food to really enjoy the domestic guru’s wine selections (although she suggests a  2015 Bertoli Chianti paired with her her savory Bolognese sauce. Yum). Her delicious picks of whites, reds, rosés and even sparkling selections are no doubt excellent on their own.


Although should you go the wine and dinner route, the kitchen connoisseur is also finding creative ways to implement her top-tier wine selections into her actual recipes. Like this tasty white wine sauce she’s clearly cooking up. Side note: where’s the recipe for this, Martha?!


While you can certainly select any single bottle of wine you’d like, there are some built-in savings for customers who prefer the subscription service. Six bottles of wine every six weeks will come in at $8.33 a bottle, while 12 bottles of wine every eight weeks will only set you back $7.49 a bottle. Plus, ordering 12 bottles at a time will qualify you for free shipping. Score!

This idea is so freaking genius, we can’t believe Martha hasn’t thought of it before. We’re always down with anything the tastemaker selects, and naturally her wine choices would be great beyond compare.

Now, the only thing left is to decide which bottle to start with. Perhaps the girly Abbazia Moscato Rosé Dulce? Or the La Reference Sauvignon Blanc? Decisions, decisions!