Martha Stewart Is Appropriately Anal About Her Beauty Routine

Martha Stewart: Former model for Chanel, poncho-knitting prisoner, queen of the personalized place-settings. With the fine fabrics of her life having been so intricately sewn together with the utmost preciseness, it’s no surprise that Stewart’s beauty routine is totally insane. But she’s definitely doing something right because at 71, she is a Dame Helen-level babe, albeit more housewife than Hollywood.

Madame Martha recently shared her beauty regimen and it is a must read. A must-do? I mean, honestly? Ain’t nobody got time for washing their face with five different soaps:

Okay so from that we can deduct that she also does not use an electric toothbrush in the morning, right? Or like, roosters and alarm clocks and the occasional NPR broadcast.

Also, this:

Namaste, you guys.

Featured image courtesy of Shutterstock