Martha Stewart has a ~strong~ opinion about pumpkin spice, and it’s not what we were expecting

As we all know, Pumpkin Spice season is in full swing. However, Martha Stewart has a ~strong~ opinion about pumpkin spice. And TBH, it’s not what we were expecting. In the fall, we cannot go anywhere without seeing everything from pumpkin spice lattes and donuts to pumpkin spice pretzels and candles. Given its popularity, we sort of assumed that everyone is a fan of the flavor.

But during a recent appearance on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, the host asked Stewart her opinions on pumpkin spice. Cohen gave Stewart a choice: Is pumpkin spice “delicious,” or “for basic bitches only?”

Without any hesitation, Stewart said the latter. Gasp!

Cohen was genuinely shocked by her immediate reply.

Yup, we’re still in shock too. Especially because Stewart has a bunch of pumpkin spice recipes online, like this one for pumpkin spice cake and this one for pumpkin spice latte cake. Just saying, she even has a recipe for how to make pumpkin pie spice itself! Even if she doesn’t love the flavor craze herself, at least she gives her audience what they want.

By the looks of Stewart’s Instagram, it seems like she’s definitely a pumpkin fan (perhaps minus the spice?) at the very least.

Of course, there are plenty of other fall flavor options out there if you’re not into pumpkin spice, like Maple Pecan Coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts or a container of Caramel Apple Pie Gelato by Talenti. YAS, please. Now, excuse us while we go indulge in all of the above!