Mars Retrograde ends today, so get ready for a fierce new energy in your life

Two summer retrogrades down, four to go. After a tough couple of months second-guessing our instincts, reassessing our next steps, and even some sexual awkwardness, Mars Retrograde is finally ending on August 27th. What exactly does this mean for us moving forward? It’s pretty much full steam ahead from here on out. Well, almost.

First, let’s retrace our steps. Mars, the planet that both rules Aries and represents the God of War, went retrograde on June 26th, which meant that we retreated rather than “attacked” over these last eight weeks. We hesitated on our plans, projects, and even new relationships. We internalized a lot of feelings rather than expressing them. We questioned whether we really know what we’re doing after all.

Okay, so that part of Mars Retrograde kind of sucked. But let’s remember what we’ve learned in the process.

Retreating meant we were able to think through our actions rather than reacting. Impulsiveness was replaced with thoughtfulness and practicality. Introspection allowed us to sit with our feelings and instincts, which helped us to better understand the triggers that lay beneath them. We were able to examine our life from a more passive place, allowing us to finally see what needed tending to and what no longer required our energy. Maybe the weakest parts of our lives finally broke away as a result. Essentially, we reset and we recharged like all warrior goddesses need to do once in a while.

Now? It’s go time. Implementing our new lessons, we’re able to harness a different type of fierce energy—more controlled, precise, and vigilant. But make no mistake—we’re still fierce. Mars going direct means we have the green light to move forward with the projects we’ve been ruminating on for the last two months with a more focused plan of action. It also means that when we find ourselves in the midst of conflict, instead of referring to knee-jerk reactions and careless words of anger, we know we hold more power when we respond rather than react and when we express ourselves in a thoughtful yet confident manner.

It’s also prime time to finally approach the crush you’ve had your eye on and ask them out on that date you’ve been dreaming about all summer long. Attached? The sexual energy of Mars will inspire you to take your bedroom acrobatics to new levels of pleasure. Embrace your sexuality in all of its wonderfulness and welcome its resurgence. We’re in for some next-level hotness.

Mars going direct allows us to attain a new level of courage. The kind of courage that only comes when you’ve been knocked down. Because you’re that strong, bbs. Now #GetIt.

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