Mars is entering Aries this week—and it’s time to get serious about your future

Action planet Mars enters fiery Aries on June 27th. This transit will last throughout the remainder of the year (Mars enters Taurus on January 6th) due to Mars retrograde, which starts on September 9th and lasts until November 13th.

During Mars’s cosmic backspin, your sex life and drive will be up and down along with your personal drive and ambitions. But until the retrograde, you will be able to use this sparky energy to make your dreams into a reality and take control of these endeavors.

Scroll below for your horoscope during this transit. Make sure to check out your rising sign, too.


You’re using your newly found enthusiasm and lust for life to inspire yourself. Use this time wisely and to your advantage by exploring new passions and dreams. The only caveat is that you may take on too many projects, which will cause burnout quickly.


It’s not that you are becoming a pushover—it’s more that you don’t want to participate in drama. Step away from confrontations and use this fire to reach for the stars. Then, you can live your best life without the negative vibes that surround you.


Use your gusto to initiate projects with your peers. You may find that you’re now drawn to organizing humanitarian endeavors for your local community that require the help of your crew or contacts to get started. You’ll be able to plan these without a hitch.


It’s that time of the year: when you get your review at work from your boss. Before they list all of your professional attributes and setbacks, beat them to the punch and take control of the narrative to spin the review in your favor.


Asserting your high vibe views will lead to fanaticism. Don’t get angry if others disagree with you. Allow people to have their own ideology—even if it slightly opposes yours. They don’t need to see 100% eye to eye with you on all matters.


Your intuition is poppin’ right now. The caveat is that you may second-guess your heart due to a personal confusion. Before you start gaslighting yourself or others, do try to lean into your gut feelings. Use your intuition to uncover truths within yourself and others.


You’re finding that one-on-one relationships are throwing you off balance. Before you allow your passions to be ignited, find your center to ground your energies and avoid arguments with your crush. Then, you can find a common ground in which you’ll evolve together.


You put a ton of effort and energy into all of the work you do. Instead of rushing through projects with the goal of completing them as quickly as possible, take your time to finish your visions with panache and special touches that will make it uniquely yours.


You can be competitive when it comes to matters of the heart. You’re finding that you have to prove your worth more than ever. Don’t put your partner’s whimsical wants before your own. If they can’t appreciate you for who you are, then they’re not worth the effort.


You’re feeling more protective than ever over your besties. This will manifest in you defending those who put your pals down in an effort to have their backs. Thank you for being loyal to your squad (cue the Golden Girls theme song).


Speaking your mind can create issues with others because they aren’t used to your newly found direct nature. However, if you choose to express yourself with kindness, you can make your point and avoid all of the messy drama that may unfold as a result.


Creating work that requires your passions will be more appealing than ever now. Manifest your dreams into reality to ensure you are doing your life’s work. Let your ambition, which you often push to the side, help you become the person you want to be.

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