Your energy is about to get a lot more grounded thanks to Mars in Virgo—here’s how to make the most of it

Time for some grounding, everyone. It was a summer filled with passion, romance, fun, risk-taking, and joy. Now, we’re entering a time that’s much more grounded and down to earth. Hello, reality. Mars represents our energy, our actions, how we go about achieving our goals, and how we go about chasing our desires. With Mars in Virgo, we are at a time where after much passion, bold actions, and statements, we’re now seeking balance, discipline, self-improvement, and self-analysis.

Virgo is about modesty and being humble. It’s about looking at yourself from a critical and grounded perspective in order to modify things and become the best version of yourself. During Leo season, we hyped ourselves up—which we needed after a difficult month of July. But as Mars enters Virgo today, the focus is on retrieving some balance after excess. Think a December 26th kind of vibe.

With Mars in Virgo, we are focusing our energy on work and self-improvement, and also health and wellness.

As September approaches, after some indulgence during the vacation months, it’s time to hop back on a methodical schedule. It’s time for spreadsheets, schedules, lists, and promises to yourself.

As a collective, we find ourselves more focused on retrieving balance within our bodies, our work/life balance, and our critical/hyping up cycle, too. It’s amazing to feel good about yourself. And it’s also amazing to be realistic and accountable for your wrongdoings or self-undoing. This is what Virgo is ideally about: being forgiving enough, but also critical enough, to see yourself and people and things around you with enough clarity to make the right calls without guilt or shame.

With Mars in Virgo, we might become more nitpicky.

Perhaps a new love affair starts to show some cracks. Your partner who was once the king or queen of the world is starting to show some signs of humanness—oh no! Mars in Virgo invites you to take them off their undeserved pedestal. Assess them with careful analysis without losing your loving outlook of them. Love is in imperfection.

It’s also a great transit for work. After a gigantic creative surge in early August, we’re now looking at exactly how we’re going to implement all of the marvelous ideas we had earlier this month.

As Mars starts its journey in Virgo with a conjunction to Venus and a trine to Uranus, you can expect the end of August to be filled with creative impulses and thrilling love affairs. There are some great opportunities for creating abundance for yourself, both materially and romantically. The key is to be spontaneous yet realistic enough to take calculated risks in your work and love life.

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