Mars Is Entering Taurus—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

It's time to build better foundations for your goals.

From January 6th to March 3rd, action planet Mars will be transiting into the sign of Taurus. During this time, you’ll be looking at projects you’ve started this past year and working towards building or creating better foundations for them.

Mars will connect with every planet on its journey moving forward, which means that you’ll be cosmically tasked to put your desires towards every aspect of your life. This will allow you to see whom and what you truly love and are passionate about.

Below is your Mars in Taurus horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


You are known to finish projects with great speed. While you haven’t lost your energy to complete tasks, you are taking a few moments to ensure everything in your life is on point and is living up to your highest standards.


You’re feeling extra exuberant and happy at the moment. This sentiment will allow you to reach new heights within yourself and connect with others. It will also push you to kick off the new year with passion and start putting your energy towards achieving your goals for 2021 with flair.


Instead of confronting others, try taking a more docile approach to one-on-one relationships. This will ensure that you don’t have arguments over matters that aren’t important to you. Take a step back and resist the urge to fight so you can limit the amount of drama that comes your way.


You’re spending all of your energy organizing Zoom parties with friends to make sure that everyone connects in the new year. In fact, you’ll organize quite a few events with your squad—like knitting circles, book clubs, and happy hours—to connect more deeply with them.


You’re taking the lead at work, which is creating power struggles with your colleagues. It’s okay to level up and put your professional needs first. The caveat is that this new perspective may hold you back from working cooperatively with your coworkers, as you’re focused on your own goals. Be cognizant of others.


You’re not welcoming people with open arms who share a different opinion than you at the moment because you’re bent on proving your point of view. Try to keep an open mind now.


You’re feeling more feisty than ever. You’re in the mood to seduce your crush with playful flirtations. The only foreseeable issue is that you aren’t being direct about your needs, which you need to do to create a deep and intimate connection. Be straightforward; don’t mask your intentions now.


You’re acting more impulsively than ever when it comes to who you partner with—meaning you’re rushing towards a commitment without getting to know the person. Slow down, Scorpio, and take your time to ensure you like them.


You’re putting extra gusto into mundane activities, which means that you’re sticking to your resolutions. Make sure you don’t get so held up with basic everyday activities or drama with your coworkers that you forget about the other areas of your life that require attention.


You’re wanting to roll the dice and take more chances. Weigh all outcomes before you take any risks to make sure that you don’t lose big. You want all the gambles you take to allow you to attain success and greatness with minimal damage.


After a long holiday season, residual issues are coming up between you and your family. Rather than continuing the fight and salty banter, let them say what they want to say and drop it. Having the last word doesn’t mean actually having the last word. Silence is powerful.


Words can hurt, especially if you are aggressive when saying them. Before popping off on someone you love, take a step back and evaluate the sentiments you want to express. Then you will be able to resolve any issues that exist between you and them. Ask questions first, then react.

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