‘Tis the season to get stuff done thanks to Mars in Scorpio—here’s what this means for your sign

Even though we’re in the last days of Scorpio season, Mars is making its grand entrance in the sign of Scorpio tomorrow, November 19th—and honestly, things are about to get real spooky.

For the past month, Mars has been in the sign of Libra, which is where it’s least comfortable. Why? Because Mars embodies our desires, our assertiveness, and our anger, whereas Libra—poor Libra—is the sign of harmony, conciliation, peace, and partnerships. Although we do give a lot of attention to our relationships when these two forces combine, we don’t know how to keep everyone happy while trying to manifest the desires we want in our lives. 

However, when Mars enters Scorpio tomorrow, it’s an entirely different story. Gone are the days of silk gloves and polite smiles—we’re going after what we want with sheer forcefulness and utter dedication, without reservation.

Keep in mind: Mercury is still retrograde until the 20th, and as you probably have noticed, this Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio has plunged us into the depths of our psyche by pushing each and every one of us to confront the things we tend to hold back or are too nervous to face head-on. But even though this particular retrograde was extremely intense—even painful for some people—we were meant to go through this difficult experience for the opportunity to mature, grow, and rise in the face of our challenges.

Plus, Mars entering Scorpio will keep building on what we just went through during Mercury in Scorpio. Even though this experience was mostly intellectual, Mars is providing the bricks to rebuild what we just internally destroyed. In a nutshell: We’re going to work on the things we discovered during Mercury Retrograde. 

Other than our psychological and self-development work, Mars in Scorpio is also going to create a month-long energy to help us be much more ruthless, courageous, brave, dedicated, focused, and relentless when it comes to tackling our goals.

As for the rest of 2019, we’ll finish off the year with very strong energy. You might notice your energy levels are significantly higher or have dwindled. If that’s the case, know that you’re simply cleansing and shedding your past, and consider indulging in salt baths to help replenish your energy levels. In any case, this is the time to do serious regenerative work. Trust in yourself that you can make any of your goals come true because your level of dedication will simply be unmatched this season.

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