Mars is entering Sagittarius this week, so expect to receive a well-deserved break

Get ready, friends. Mars is entering Sagittarius on Friday, January 3rd, and it will provide a significant shift in energy—the one we all have been waiting for.

Since mid-November, Mars has been in Scorpio promoting a desire for us to self-reflect and better understand ourselves on a deeper level. Because of this, we’ve been pushed to look at things that have been painful, embedded, and difficult to deal with. While it’s likely that everyone has personally grown over the last month, most of us have felt a little heavy and drained during this time.

This is where Mars in Sagittarius comes in. Say goodbye to dwelling on past pains and emotions because we’re now stepping into a phase of confidence, where we take action, look toward the bright future, and have the desire to move forward with optimism.

Luckily, this energy will provide a well-deserved break from the heaviness you might’ve felt during Mars in Scorpio. But keep in mind, the more heaviness you felt during that time means the harder you worked on yourself. And if this is the case, you’re more likely to feel elated during this transition.

With Mars in Sagittarius, we’re likely to be more impulsive and spontaneous. We’ll make decisions quickly without dwelling on things too much. We’re also looking ahead and seeing the glass half full, which will allow us to make bold decisions that could inspire change and growth.

However, this change of energy also means that things could explode, so no more secrets, no more hiding, and no more simmering. If things have been brewing in the background or if things were kept private until you were 100 percent ready to execute them—like a project, conflict, or relationship—you can expect the pace of energy to speed up now.

Mars in Sagittarius is a wild horse—we’re untamable, honest, and straightforward in our approach of the world during this time, and we’re now releasing everything we have kept hidden and locked in the shadows.

For January, act with reasonable impulsiveness and inspire optimism, honesty, and innovation. It’s a good time to start acting on your New Year’s resolutions and goals. But if you’ve been feeling weighed down by pessimistic thoughts or difficult emotions, find ways to lift yourself up to shed the heaviness. The good news is, if you’ve been going to therapy, you’ll begin to start seeing significant results.

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