The cosmos knows it’s cuffing season—here’s how to find love and get what you want

Mars enters the sign of Libra today, October 4th. And it’s going to be quite a flirtatious month. Although we are mid-Libra season and Mercury has moved into Scorpio, Mars in Libra is going to keep the Libran vibes going for the rest of the month and well into November.

When Mars transits the sign of Libra, life is easy. We feel charming, flirtatious, playful, romantic, and quite gorgeous. We’re keen on doing makeovers and spending money on clothing, home décor, spa treatments, and everything related to beauty. We get what we want by being beautiful and harmonious. And in our interactions with other people, we play it smart and nice—as opposed to being direct or blunt about what we want.

Mars in Libra can be manipulative at times. But it’s rarely with any malicious intent.

Starting today, you can expect to be more concerned with keeping the peace, preserving people’s feelings, and making sure that everyone leaves your interaction feeling respected and taken care of.

Libra is the sign of justice and fairness. And when Mars is in the sign, we go to great lengths to make sure everyone gets their fair share. It can be a time during which questions of social justice are more present in the collective mind.

Mars in Libra is also a wonderful time to negotiate (or renegotiate) things.

Whether at work or in a relationship, now is a good time to put all the elements on the table and renegotiate the terms. When Mars transits Libra, our actions are reasonable, logical, and balanced. So, now is the perfect time to assess whether or not you’re getting what you want out of your relationships. If you find yourself in an unequal relationship, you might find it particularly difficult to sustain at this time.

Of course, Mars in Libra is all about relationships and love. With this position of Mars for the upcoming month and a half, as a collective, we’ll be particularly concerned with finding our mate, improving our relationships, and bettering our relationship skills. We’ll be particularly concerned with the balance of give and take, as well as the question of equality with our mates. If you tend to choose partners who are unequal to you, you might find yourself disappointed and dissatisfied at this time.

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