Mars Is Entering Leo. Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

You're going to take arguments to the next level.

Action planet Mars enters Leo on June 11th. Although this transit is typically a time in which you assert your bravado into the world and make moves toward attaining your deepest passions, this time around, the energy will be a little bit more fraught than usual.

Saturn and Uranus will aspect Mars in a very tense way, making you want to take arguments and discussions to the next level. You are rebelling against the past and status quo while creating a space for yourself to uniquely evolve with the times.

Below is your Mars in Leo horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too


You’re in the mood to put yourself back on Tinder. Hitting the dating scene will consume a lot of your time, but it will be a wonderful way to jumpstart the summer. If you are in a relationship or commitment, then it’s time to plan an exciting adventure with your significant other.


There is a lot that needs to be done at the moment, but you’re too exhausted to do any of it. This can result in internalized frustrations and irritations that you project onto others. Organize your time carefully to make sure that you can take on everything and then some.


It’s okay to take a break from the mundane activities of life once in a while. The only thing is you have to separate yourself from worrying about errands and tasks—which you may not be able to do. Focus on the bigger picture; don’t obsess over the details.


Money has been up and down for the past several months. Now is the time to create a savings plan that will ensure longevity and freedom. If need be, ask a friend or family member for advice. But, do not take their criticisms personally. Remember: they are only trying to help.


More often than not, you assert your fiery nature in situations and relationships—especially when it comes to matters that you truly believe in. And, being the most dramatic sign of the zodiac, you take it to the next level. Take a step back and choose a route to make your point and lead with love.


You’re not wanting to assert yourself right now. Instead you are opting to take a backseat and let other people take the wheel. While it may feel awkward and uncomfortable to not do the heavy lifting to make your friendships or relationships work, it’s important to let others do the work for a change of pace.


There appears to be a lot of drama circulating in your friendship circle. You’re finding out who your ride or die besties are, and who are your frenemies. Keep your eyes and ears open. A lot of necessary information will be revealed to you over the next several weeks. Prepare yourself!


No matter how hard you try to escape it, work is at the forefront of your mind. This means that you’ll be asserting all of your energy to attain your professional goals now. Second place at the office won’t cut it, as you’re wanting to win the admiration of your boss.


Take a step back from tense situations and breathe. Once you let yourself release residual negativity and toxicity that’s within yourself, it’ll be easy to decompress and melt away the internal struggles you have that have built up internally. Then, you can release all of your frustrations with ease and gentleness.


You’re focusing on personal growth at the moment and giving all of your energy toward transforming your world. Don’t let anything stand in the way of attaining success. There will be hiccups along the way, but you’ll be able to grow at lightning speed. Move forward toward attaining your desires.


There is a lot of drama happening in the sphere of your relationships at the moment. The only way to avoid the intensity is to disengage from it. Stop leading with your ego and thinking of yourself. A partnership needs two people to help it thrive and flourish, not one.


Taking care of yourself requires work. Now, more than ever, you’re wanting to give all of your energy to regimenting your daily routines. This will ensure that you are on top of having enough sleep and not overdoing yourself. Give all of your energy to letting yourself rest and heal.