If you get into a heated debate this week, you can blame it on this angry little planet

Things are about to get head-y, friends. Mars, the planet of our outward actions and animal instincts, including our sexual drive, aggression, and anger, enters Gemini on March 31st and will stay there until May 15th. Mars represents the God of War and Aries, which means it’s naturally passionate, assertive, and impulsive—mostly because it believes what it’s doing is always right. Typically, Mars can be thought of as the light that fires us up from within. It’s a tactile “I feel it in my body” type of planet. But when it’s placed in the curious and inquisitive sign of the Twins, our primal impulses will come from our mind, not our body. Which means that for the next six weeks, thanks to Mars in Gemini, we’re about to overthink everything.

If Mars is all about act first, ask questions later, Gemini is about asking those questions first, and maybe asking more questions, and then finally taking action after they feel satisfied with the answers and knowledge they’ve received. As an air sign, Gemini loves to think and ponder. The Twins are known for their intellect—they might just be the most intelligent sign of the zodiac—so they definitely like to get lost in facts and figures, and can wax poetically for hours on everything from science to pop culture to politics.

So when it comes to projects and work, they will dive headfirst into researching, fact-checking, and analyzing every nook and cranny. But here’s the rub about the Twins’ dual nature: they have a quick-paced mind, and don’t like to stand still for very long. In fact, they can’t stand it. They must move. So while they love knowing everything and anything about a given subject, they also have a hard time focusing their attention on one thing for too long. Meaning? Don’t be surprised if you find yourself jumping from project to project during this transit. Remember: focus is your friend right now, even if it seems out of reach.

If you get stuck in a jam or are involved in a conflict during this time, rather than take aggressive action, Gemini’s quick wit and gift of gab will help you out. Talking things out will do more good than any other reactive response. You could also find yourself in the middle of a few debates, too. The Twins adore debating—mainly because they always think they’re right, even when they’re definitely wrong—and their acute verbal sparring will leave you second-guessing yourself. Beware of engaging in a war of words for the sake of it. If you have something to say, by all means, speak your mind. But refrain from trying to win an argument for the sake of winning. At their worst, Geminis are sore losers who love to gossip, and this is not a cute trait to take on. When in doubt, stay rooted in your integrity and turn the other cheek.

When it comes to love, your intellect will be the sweet spot right now. You will find yourself more stimulated intellectually than physically. Someone who can challenge you mentally is your cat nip, so this transit is all about the meeting of the minds. If you’re attached already, engage your partner with a dirty board game night, phone sex, sexting, or reading erotic literature at the dinner table. Think of that as your foreplay for the next little while.

Geminis are all about mingling and getting to know different types of people from all walks of life. You might find yourself experimenting with a variety of people and situations. Nothing is off the table for a Gemini when it comes to sex and socializing. In fact, the more different and unique it is, the better.

Ultimately, this transit is about using your mind to its fullest capacity and for the greater good. Trust and believe in your intelligence, and don’t be afraid to voice your opinion. The likable and intelligent Gemini has the power to change people with their words, so choose yours carefully, bbs.

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