Mars is entering Capricorn, so be mindful of where you invest your time

On Sunday, February 16th, Mars will enter Capricorn and remain there until Tuesday, March 31st. But what does this mean exactly? Let’s find out.

Mars represents where we invest our energy and how it’s expressed. It shows, for a given period of time, how we tend to go after our goals, our days, and our life. When Mars was in Sagittarius for the majority of January and February, we had a tendency to have puppy-like behaviors, switching from one extreme to another. We also were impulsive and adventurous, seeking new ideas, new plans, and wanting to explore new possibilities and paths.

However, Mars enters Capricorn at the same time as when Mercury turns retrograde, which means these two forces will work hand in hand for the duration of their respective transits.

Luckily, this is a fortunate combination. While Mercury in Pisces tends to give us unrealistic ideas and fantasies, Mars in Capricorn reminds us of our responsibilities, commitments, and obligations. This gives us the opportunity to approach our daily life and commitments with a dash of daydreaming, while also giving us enough grounding to not act out on our temporary fantasies.

Mars in Capricorn represents a time of carefully considering your current obligations and where you want to invest your time, money, and energy. As a cardinal earth sign, Capricorn has a strong sense of efficiency and is particularly keen on cutting back on everything that isn’t worth the investment, while being equally keen on doubling down in areas that are really rewarding. In a nutshell, the question that is almost always on Mars in Capricorn’s mind is, “What’s in it for me?”

As this transit occurs at the same time as Mercury retrograde, which is inviting us to revise, reassess, revisit, review, we are likely to spend a good amount of time considering what needs to end, what needs to be discarded, and where we might have not invested enough of ourselves.

Typically, Mars in Capricorn isn’t concerned with the trivial and has big plans instead.

During this time, you may ask yourself How am I going to double up my income? How am I going to get that promotion? How am I going to be able to afford this house? How do I salvage my marriage? How do I get my kids in this school? These are the types of big visions/long-term plans that Mars in Capricorn typically wants to deal with, and yet, no matter how big the vision is, it all starts with small, actionable goals.

Mars in Capricorn is efficient, organized and business-like. It might not be the most torrid and adventurous time of our lives (although Mercury in Pisces will take care of giving us stars in our eyes), but this is a time to get things done efficiently and with gusto. 

However, despite its business-like, get-it-done manner, Mars in Capricorn is often very surprisingly sensual and sexy, while Mercury in Pisces, by definition, gives us enhanced fantasies and imagination. This might very well be a time to focus on spicing up your sexual life by combining Pisces imagination with Capricorn earthiness.  

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