Mars Is Entering Cancer. Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Power struggles in your relationships will occur.

Action planet Mars enters sentimental Cancer (its least favorite sign to be in) on April 23rd and will remain in the water sign until June 11th. During this time, you will be extra passionate and emotional in how you assert yourself. Power struggles will persist, making you hesitate in how you make moves as your course of action and plans will change every few days in sync with the lunar cycle (as the moon rules Cancer).

Below is your Mars in Cancer horoscope. Make sure to read your rising sign, too.


Your frustrations are very deep and brooding, making it hard for you to express yourself without getting irritable. Take a breathe and chill before impulsively stating your emotions. This simple act of calming yourself down before popping off will save you a lot of emotional drama in the long run.


Words can hurt, which you already know. Therefore, you need to think before you speak and avoid saying things that you may regret in the future. Also, you may need instant gratification through text or DMs, as you may lose your patience when people do not respond almost immediately to your messages.


You’re trying to take your confidence back, but the caveat is that you may act super defensive and create tensions with others. Before you act emotional in speaking your feels to others about situations, understand that you do not need validation from them to let yourself be heard and seen.


You’re feeling active and energetic at the moment. But, you can’t stand or sit still in the midst of all the excitement. Also, you are wanting to make all of your dreams happen, which will take time—even though you are lacking patience for them to come to fruition.


You’re being extra passive-aggressive in an effort to avoid confrontation. When the urge to argue strikes, you will probably satisfy your emotional sentiments by making a rude comment that appears as a compliment. Another way to handle the drama is to look the other way and avoid such situations.


Making the effort to connect with friends will be easy. However, when the plans fall through (which they may), you’ll become annoyed or upset with your crew. Don’t get angry about matters that are out of your control. That way you can find time to make other arrangements to hang.


All of the free time that you have is going into accelerating your career. The caveat is that you aren’t wanting to sacrifice your professional drive and determination for anything that is short of stellar. Sometimes you have to make concessions to ensure optimal and total success in your career.


Being 100% honest has its highs and lows. This can make you act and speak in a blunt demeanor, which will create tensions with others if they are unprepared. Try to warn them that you are going to tell the truth even if it hurts before you begin expressing yourself.


The time has come for you to focus on paying off or consolidating debt. In case you are hesitant in making any financial changes at the moment, you can start discussing the best options for you to take around monetizing and investing your assets with a trusted advisor or friend.


Relationships take work. Now, you are wanting to put all of your energy into mending partnerships that have faded in the past few years or to heighten an existing one. Be careful not to be too aggressive in uniting with another, give them space to come back to you.


Right now you are putting all of the energy that you have into your daily routine by being more rigid in these activities. This means getting your checkup at the doctor and dentist, implementing yoga in your morning routine, and watching shows on Netflix at the same time every day.


Romance is in the air, but you aren’t sure that you’re ready for a relationship now. Instead of committing, play the field. Find a few people to flirt with who you may want to connect with on a deeper level. Then, you can find someone who complements you the most.