Mars is entering Taurus, which means we’re all about to become stubborn (and sensual!) AF

Don’t be surprised if you’re feeling a little more sensual and laid-back than usual on Valentine’s Day. That’s because Mars, the planet that governs our energy, action, and sexuality, enters the earthy sign of Taurus on V-Day, where it will stay until March 31st. Mars represents the God of War and rules Aries. Like the Ram, Mars is passionate, assertive, and impulsive—mostly because it believes what it’s doing is always right. It’s the sign that also symbolizes our animal instincts, influencing everything from our sex lives to how we express our anger to how we survive. Typically, Mars can be thought of as the light that fires us up. However, when it’s placed in the gentle and practical Bull of the zodiac, its innate firey-ness cools down and we find ourselves more grounded—and stubborn—than usual.

If Mars is about assertive action, then Mars in Taurus is all about playing the long game. As an earth sign, Taurus is instinctively persistent and patient. While naturally ambitious, the Bull doesn’t necessarily charge ahead. Which means when it comes to projects and passions of any sort, including everything from lovemaking to learning a new skill, you can expect a slow burn. Their action-taking is cautious and methodical. Some might interpret it as lazy, and while Taurus does like to play it safe, they’re also known to keep their cool under pressure. Hence, Mars’ innate impulsiveness is replaced with Taurus’s thoughtfulness.

Taking on a new project during this time? Don’t expect to rush through the process. You’ll be called to plod along slowly, ensuring you cross every t and dot every i. Your eye might be on the prize, but you’re in no rush to hurry along. You’re all about making each moment count. Because if there’s anything a Taurus knows how to do well, it’s savor. They are, after all, the super sensualists of the zodiac. They live to eat good food, have good sex, and basically love indulging their senses as much as possible.

Mars expresses our sexual nature, so when it’s situated in the sensual Bull, then sex isn’t a sprint but a lovemaking marathon. Taurus, which is ruled by Venus, loves love, so our passionate nature will be less raunchy and more romantic. Think rose petals on the bed, full body massages, and spooning. Lots of spooning.

Our competitive instinct comes to a screeching halt in passive Taurus. Taurus would rather keep the peace than participate in a conflict. While playing nice is an admirable attribute, ensure that you’re not sacrificing your dignity or being too passive-aggressive during this time. However, this transit also means it’s best to calmly defend your perspective than to aggressively demand or fight for it. Easy does it.

On the negative side, Taurus is stubborn AF and so addicted to their comfort that, at times, they can be downright immovable. Determination is a strength of Taurus, but it becomes a detriment when they are so narrow-focused and tunnel-visioned that they remain stuck in the same place. This, of course, goes against everything that fast-moving Mars represents. The key thing here is to know when and why to dig in. Are you standing your ground to ensure stability and security, or are you doing so out of fear of the new? Knowing the difference will help you reap the most from this time.

Ultimately, bringing a softer touch to Mars-centered topics, such as conflict, initiation, and passion, will work more effectively for the next six weeks. Keep in mind that Taurus is the gentle leader who seeks long-term security for the material comforts they enjoy. “Slow and steady wins the race” is the mantra for this bull, bbs. Because when a Taurus has their sights set on something or someone, they are in it to win it, no matter how long it takes.

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