Mars is entering Aries today, which means our work and sex lives are about to get a lot more interesting

Hold onto your hats, because 2019 is set to start off like a firecracker. On December 31st, just as we’re preparing snacks and Champagne to ring in the New Year, Mars enters Aries where it will stay until February 14th, 2019. Mars, the God of War, is the ruler of Aries, which means when these two get together it’s like Beyoncé and Michelle Obama teaming up to run for the White House. Basically, unstoppable dynamite.

Mars rules our most primal instincts: power, aggression, and survival, and even our libido. Factor in the assertiveness and confidence that is so natural to Aries, the leader of the zodiac, and it’s no wonder we’re feeling more powerful and motivated than ever.

Mars rules our natural drive, propelling us to get things started. Since it’s also action-oriented, Mars activates us on multiple levels, primarily physically, and we tend to have more energy to not only initiate but also to follow through with anything and everything. This is a huge change from our current drive level, since Mars has been stationed in emotional and moody Pisces for over a month. So if you’ve been flaking on projects and ventures because you’ve been more caught up in your feels, then don’t worry: your passions are about to be reignited in a major way.

Aries is not just the leader of the zodiac; she’s the Boss. Aries is forthright and assumes control no matter what the situation. So prepare for some fiery and competitive vibes for the next six weeks.

While even the quietest wallflowers amongst us will feel bold, thanks to the Ram’s willfulness, we will also run the risk of being both impulsive and stubborn. After all, the Ram tends to act first and think later, meaning there might be lost details and hurt feelings left in its wake. So do your best to check in with your actions before you start something. It’ll be easier to just do and ask questions later, but if you can take the time to pause and reflect before charging ahead, you’ll save yourself a ton of headache.

Another challenge? Aries rarely admits when they’re wrong, nor do they like relinquishing the reins, so don’t be surprised if tempers flare and conflicts crop up more often than not, especially when it comes to control and power struggles.

Which is why this an excellent moment to analyze your level of comfort with leadership. Can you take action and assume control without having total tunnel vision? Can you not only delegate but also share achievements with others? When it comes to conflicts, are you quick to anger when you don’t get your own way? Are you able to diffuse the tempers of others easily? Because here’s the thing about great leaders: it takes a village, and they know this. Awesome leaders are not just excellent initiators, but they also value the importance of support and community. Yes, they’re passionate. But they also know how to inspire loyalty and motivate their peers. They understand that delegation promotes empowerment, which can only help their cause in the end.

Mars in Aries is boss energy, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean we all have to be bosses. Let’s try to remember that together, we’re stronger.

Mars in Aries isn’t all board room antics; it’s also about the bedroom. Since Mars rules our sexuality, now is the time to be brave when it comes to sexual intimacy. Maybe it’s finally going out on that second date with your Tinder match, having a (safe) one-night stand, or trying something new and kinky with your partner. Whatever it is, there will be plenty of, um, enthusiasm.

So as we bid adieu to the crap year of 2018, Mars in Aries gives us that extra boost of bold energy and gives us the spark to make things happen. We’re not resting on hope and dreams when Mars enters Aries; no, we’re relying on our badassness to get things done.

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