Mars Is Turning Direct—Here’s What This Means for Your Zodiac Sign

Its retroshade will last until January 2nd.

Mars retrograde is finally over! Mars entered its pre-retrograde zone on July 25th before commencing its backward spin on September 9th in Aries. Mars will officially end its moonwalk on November 13th and will be running through its retroshade degrees until January 2nd in Aries.

From November 13th to January 2nd, you’ll be revisiting arguments, situations, and relationships in an effort to make amends and move forward (once again) with those you care about.

Below is your Mars retrograde horoscope. Make sure to check your rising sign, too.


You’ve been feeling extra sluggish lately, which hasn’t been helping you keep up with your workload. You’ll feel a surge of energy on November 13th, allowing you to take on the world and finish all of the projects that have fallen to the sidelines.


Instead of confronting others, you’ve opted to hide away from the drama. This isn’t a new sentiment for you, as you’re a sweet, mature individual. However, you only want goodness in your life and won’t go near anything that is negative or has bad energy attached to it. Positive vibes only!


Friendships have shifted, but now they’re making their way back to where they were in September. Making amends and letting go of past drama is going to be hard but doable. This will require a lot of work on both your and your friends’ parts. Remember to take your time.


Work has been inconsistent and erratic. To be real, you’ve even contemplated changing careers at one point within the past few months. You’ll find comfort in the stability of your career now and even a newly ignited passion. It’ll restart your desire to succeed and work hard at your job.


Curiosity may have killed the average house cat, but it’s no match for your regal power. Uncovering life’s mysteries and activating your mind will bring you a lot of insight and knowledge. You’ll be able to argue your way out of any disagreement and see all sides of every situation.


No matter how much you try to suppress your emotions, they’re coming out. Rather than running away from your sentiments, allow yourself to feel them. Embracing your pain and anger will help you heal. Understanding your heart, mind, and shadow self is key. You’ll be able to transform and evolve.


Relationships have been somewhat rocky (to say the least) over the past few months. During that time, you’ve had the chance to see everyone’s true colors, making you rethink your friendships and how you partner with others. Going forward, you know who you want in and out of your life.


Sleeping in and watching Netflix all day sure sounds amazing, but you’re in need of some fresh air. It’s time to stretch out your bones, go for a walk, and enjoy the autumn days. Winter will come along soon, so you better soak up the sun while you still can.


You’ve been chasing butterflies or the unreachable dream. Now, your desires are within sight. However, you aren’t sure that you want what you once thought you did. This ambiguity will leave you unsure of how to proceed and wanting to pursue another passion project (after you throw this one away).


Your home life has been a battleground since September. TBH, it’s no one’s fault. There has been a lot of pressure on your shoulders, which will finally be released on November 13th. For the first time in a while, you will actually find peace when you’re home and in your thoughts.


You’ve been going with the flow for some time, and now you’re asserting yourself to others. Chances are, your squad and S.O. will have a hard time adjusting to your direct manner. But they will learn to embrace and love your blunt and decisive attitude over the next several weeks.


After months of slacking on your finances, now is the time to gain control over your money matters. Slash the amount of cash you spend on gifts in half. This means creating and sticking to a budget during your holiday shopping. Most importantly, no more overspending.

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