Mars candy is getting a huge makeover —and it’s a good thing

The name Mars, Incorporated may sound familiar because it’s all over the candy aisle. In fact, they basically own the candy aisle. This company makes M&M’s, Snickers, Milky Ways, Twix, Dove chocolates, 3 Musketeers, and many other foods, gums, drinks, and confections.


So… basically every Halloween trick-or-treat bag we’ve ever owned has been filled by Mars.

Despite producing a ton of classic confections, Mars, Inc. aspires to change with the times. With more people becoming health conscience and wanting to cut back on products containing artificial ingredients, the manufacturer has decided to make a huge, positive change: no more artificial coloring!


Over the next five years, Mars will be working to find natural alternatives that still maintain the fun, vibrant colors of their products (which means that you can still pick and choose your fave M&M colors). We should also note that artificial colors are not harmful to human beings (and are approved by both the FDA and European Food Safety Authority), but they aren’t natural either – which is why Mars is making this change.


Since Mars, Inc. controls over 50 brands, this represents a significant challenge. Yet, we hope that their efforts will inspire other brands to listen to their customers, address their needs, and make necessary changes for the greater good. Because no one is a fan of reading the unidentifiable ingredients on the back of the box.


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