Here’s who you’ll probably marry based on your job

While it’s fun to imagine that Cupid’s arrow is the cause of true love, it may actually be much simpler (and less mythological) than that.

Using the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2014 American Community Survey, Bloomberg Business’ Adam Pearce and Dorothy Gambrell created an interactive graphic that highlights the most common matches—all based on our jobs. If you select your specific occupation on the chart (since the text is small, you may need to zoom in), it will show you the five job sectors your true love is most likely in. Plus, the graphic also includes same-sex relationships.

Let’s give it a try—using this key, of course:



Based on the thickness of the lines shown, writers/authors seem most likely to end up in relationships with “miscellaneous managers.” When you look at the color of the lines, it tells you the gender of the writer versus the gender of their companion. Since the thickest line here goes from red to blue, this means that most writer-miscellaneous manager relationships involve female writers and male managers.


This chart has also confirmed a pretty commonsense pairing: Actors tend to marry other actors. Even so, same-sex partnerships include designers and behind-the-scenes workers.


It turns out that doctors are also most likely to marry other doctors, which is the case with female-female couples. Additionally, they may end up with registered nurses and teachers.


Speaking of teachers, it’s predicted that they, too, will marry within their job sector. Though, they do find true love with truck drivers, retail supervisors, misc. managers, and education administrators. (Can someone please write a love story following a teacher and a truck driver because we have to know: How do they cope with long-distance issues?)


And finally, a profession in which people are not likely to marry someone with the same occupation: artists! Instead of committing themselves to other artists, it seems that these creatives are going to tie the knot with elementary and middle school teachers. Yet, there are a significant number of same-sex relationships involving other artists and counselors.

To see your love life’s fate, you can view the chart here for more information. Also, we have to warn you: it is pretty addicting. 

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