Maroon 5, Kendrick Lamar, and all your other faves turn into “Pokémon” in this wonky music video

Boy meets girl. Boy and girl get along, maybe even fall in love. Boy and girl are then consumed by their fanbases, both for them separately and for them together, and have to resort to sneaking around to get any privacy. Boy and girl are also costumed monsters. Wait, what?

That’s the gist of the music video for “Don’t Wanna Know,” Maroon 5’s collaboration with Kendrick Lamar. The entire short film, really, is a spoof of a number of things: Celebrity stanning culture, messy celebrity, and most notably, Pokémon Go. All of the costumes worn by celebrities including the entire band, Lamar, Sarah Silverman (who plays Adam Levine’s would-be paramour), and several other celebrity cameos all look like slightly demented Pokémon, and we’re quite tickled by this janky cosplay.

But however goofy the costumes are, the song itself is kinda on the somber side and the video reflects that in its own, ah, unique way. Silverman’s turn as a Charmander?-esque flying plush is probably the realest part of the entire thing, as she rejects the fanfare of fame, eventually leaving Levine’s world without a trace.

Because it’s all fun and games until the costumed love of your life literally flies away from you and your fans.

Watch the full video below: