Twitter could not stop making “Social Network” jokes during Mark Zuckerberg’s first congressional hearing

Today, Mark Zuckerberg made his first appearance before Congress in the wake of a number of scandals at Facebook regarding the collection and protection of user data — most notably, the Cambridge Analytica data breach, in which the data-mining and analytics company improperly harvested the personal data of more than 50 million Facebook users.

Cambridge Analytica, which is partly owned by hedge fund manager and major conservative donor Robert Mercer, reportedly used the acquired data to aid the Trump Campaign during the 2016 presidential election through targeted ads.

In the wake of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal, a number of concerns have been raised regarding exactly how much personal information users are unknowingly allowing the social media giant and other third-party partners to access. Throughout the hearing, Mark Zuckerberg was grilled by the joint congressional panel comprised of members from the Senate Judiciary and Commerce committees about Facebook’s collection of data, how the social media platform uses costumer data, and how personal data could have been breached by a third-party partner like Cambridge Analytica.

Considering we live in an era when people are tuning into congressional hearings as if they were episodes of Scandal, Twitter naturally tuned in — and had some serious thoughts.

While many found it absurd that Mark Zuckerberg was being questioned by a number of senators who clearly didn’t know that much about Facebook in the first place, the general appearance of the Facebook CEO also had Twitter abuzz.

In fact, many on Twitter couldn’t help but feel a sense of déjà vu, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t wonder what Aaron Sorkin was up to today. Needless to say, the internet was ready for Zuckerberg’s appearance before Congress, if only to make a quip or two.

From Social Network jokes to laments over Zuckerberg’s ever-so-tragic haircut, here are the best memes from today’s, April 10th, congressional hearing:

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Mark Zuckerberg is set to appear before the House Energy and Commerce Committee tomorrow, April 11th, so start preparing for even more memes in the coming days.

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