Mark Zuckerberg says basically everyone in the world is going to be on Facebook by 2030

There are a LOT of people in the world who are on Facebook. Like, try one and a half BILLION people on Earth who are are active Facebook users. To put that number in context, about 100 million people are active Instagram users. So that means that one out of every seven people on Earth is regularly checking their feed. Whoa and more whoa.

Mark Zuckerberg, ever the overachiever, isn’t content with a mere billion users. He wants way, way more, and as he said on Monday, at an event celebrating Facebook’s 12th anniversary (which the company has very appropriately dubbed “Friends Day”) by the year 2030, he expects a whopping FIVE BILLION people to be on Facebook. To put THAT number in context, the UN projects that the world population will reach 8.5 billion people by 2030. So, basically, what Zuckerberg is saying is that in fifteen years, Facebook will go from being used by 14% of the world to 58% of the world. Whoa and more whoa and even MORE whoa after that.

As USA TODAY reports, Zuckerberg plans on enabling the majority of humanity to waste time on social media log onto Facebook with the help of… boomerang-shaped Internet drones?

“We want to finish connecting everyone, we’re going to do it in partnership with governments and different companies all over the world,” Zuckerberg said, with regard to the boomerang-internet drone Aquila. “It’s solar-powered, and it’ll just fly around a city and beam down Internet access. It’s, like, pretty crazy, right?”

Yes, it is SUPER crazy, all of this is crazy. We are basically the Jetsons, why don’t we have flying cars yet, again?

So everyone get ready to have a lot more company on Facebook (also, boomerang drones). To read more about the changes Facebook is planning for the future, check out USA Today‘s coverage.

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