Mark Wahlberg won’t let his daughter date Justin Bieber which is totally unfair

Oh, Marky Mark, forever the overly-macho white male at every event, especially when it comes to his children, and more specifically, his oldest daughter. Most recently, the actor and rapper spoke about his 13-year-old daughter, Ella. And now we know that Mark Wahlberg cannot and will not let his daughter date her celebrity crush, Justin Bieber. Wahlberg, who has four children, told Ellen DeGeneres on Friday that his daughter would date Bieber “over his dead body.”

What sparked the conversation was when DeGeneres questioned Wahlberg about his supposed dinner guest, the Biebs. Wahlberg’s daughter is described by her father as a “good girl” but at the end of the day, “she’s a girl,” in which the crowd let out a hearty laugh, as if Wahlberg had just made a decent joke (something I’m still a little confused about). What’s so funny about being a girl? Or being told you can’t date the Biebs?

After DeGeneres pressed Wahlberg for more information about his mysterious guest, he didn’t admit to the fact that it was Bieber, but the crowd, and DeGeneres, were pretty sold on the idea that it was.

Without many more hints other than 1) he’s Canadian 2) he’s a nice man 3) he’s been on the show before, DeGeneres nailed who the celebrity guest was at Wahlberg’s home (The Weekend being her close second).

“Dad, that’s gonna be my husband,” said Ella to her father about the celebrity guest.

“Actually, over both your dead bodies, I’ll go back to jail,” said Wahlberg about his daughter’s comment.  Wahlberg was referencing his 45 days in jail in 1988 when he assaulted a man while trying to steal alcohol at the age of 16.

Wahlberg hinted that he and Bieber were collaborating although he confidently said that he would not be participating in any recordings. So who knows what the two are really up to.

In any case, Wahlberg isn’t a stranger to embarrassing his children or calling out his strict parenting. In 2008, Wahlberg talked about his parenting to In Touch Magazine, “Yes, being financially secure gives me the opportunity to be around 24/7 and monitor everything that they do. I’m not going to leave it up to chance that they’ll figure things out.”

And more recently in September, Wahlberg rapped about taking his daughters cell phone away on the Dan Patrick Show after cameras turned to her and showed how “mortified” she was about her father’s singing technique. It’s hilarious and sorta cute but totally typical of Wahlberg’s conservative and strict parenting style.

Mark Wahlberg told People that he hopes to give his children the opportunities that he never had, like dinner with Bieber, while also “making sure that they’re appreciative, they work hard, and they don’t become spoiled or entitled.”

But doesn’t that mean at least introducing Ella and Bieber? C’maaaan.

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